How to submit a file

DoXenter makes the transfer very easy, please follow this few steps to send a file

    1. Create an account online if you don’t have one yet via
    2. download and install the desktop app via
    3. Now, run your desktop app and login
    4. doXenter login
    5. The next step, is to add the files to your list, just drap and drop them or click on the link below
    6. doXenter app main screen
    7. Choose the folder or create one via the link Create folder.
    8. Finally, click on the button Send Files.

doXenter Transfer

DoXenter transfer is an easy way to transfer large files, the idea is very simple and very handy. First you create a folder and you invite your colleagues or your clients, then you, or any other member, start uploading your files to that folder, DoXenter will notify all members about all activities, on download, on upload and on comment, all the activities will be displayed when you open your folder.

You can create unlimited number of folders and, you can invite unlimited number of members. Unlike other transfer tool, DoXenter has the capability of resuming the transfer where it stopped at. Which means you can shut down or restart your computer or just decide to go and continue uploading from your home, it is totally fine with DoXenter, it will continue where it stopped at.

How to use Family Organizer

This is a very easy tool, just follow these few steps

1 – Click on Add-in from Revit toolbar


2 – From the installed tools list, select Family Oroganizer


3 – Family Organizer main screen will pop up


Path Source: is the folder where you families (*.rfa) as stored.

Path Destination: is the folder where you family organizer to save the result.

4 – To add more file to the list, please click on the link “Add”


What is Family Organizer?

The Family Organizer is a Revit addon that can automatically organise the history of Autodesk® Revit® families of different version by creating the folders and sub folders with Revit Version and Category. This not only saves time, but can help make sure that library is managed consistently.

 The Family Organiser can do the following task.

1. Select the source folder where all the families are saved from different version in unorganized way

2. Select the directory where the organised library should be updated

3. Run the command which then process to manage the library.


Family organizer is available for Revit 2014,2015,2016 and 2017

For more details:

Family Organizer